What other AI tool alternatives to ChatGPT can you find online?

What other AI tool alternatives to ChatGPT can you find online?

The last decade saw exponential growth on the artificial intelligence front. And now we strive to make more improvements to build upon their potential. Taking more than one or more tasks head-on is now the objective.

One of the most widely known and recognised chatbots or AI bots is the new-age ChatGPT. It is unlikely that you haven’t heard about it. This AI platform took the world by storm and became popular in the course of a few days.

However, it is always great to have more than one AI tool under our wings to have better experiences. Let us consider a few other ai like chatgpt.

What are AI tools like chatgpt used for?

Based on GPT 3.5, OpenAI developed Chatgpt. It is a language model that expertises human-like text generation concerning certain prompts. Such tools or apps like chaptgpt capitalise on the huge database to produce conversational dialogue.

Using such tools like chatgpt can help with several functions such as

Creative writing

Mathematical problem solving

Assistance with essays


Language Translation

What are some AI platforms like chatgpt?


● OpenAI Playground

With OpenAI Playground, you have a demo for chatgpt. But it is no lesser than other AI tools. They come packed with features that can help bring about modifications. Moreover, OpenAI is a much more advanced AI tool given its larger neural network in comparison to chatgpt.

This platform is ideal for AI testing before its integration elsewhere. Tweaking a few parameters, OpenAI Playground is quite a helpful alternative. It produces answers with proper accuracy and is very effective in problem-solving questions.

Google Bard

Google Bard or Gemini is an upgraded and organised version of AI tools like PaLM2. It is a strong research-based modern large language model. The platform went through many revisions and updates since it was first launched. There has been a recent core update by Google. Some people might think it is a better alternative to both GPT4 and GPT 3.5

Microsoft Bing Chat

Microsoft launched an innovative solution for the expansion of the Edge and Bing search engine. Their all-new AI tool to improve functionality is called Bing AI. You can access Bing AI through the browser sidebar reducing any hassle of changing between tabs.

This platform is quite helpful in getting answers and for effective research. This model also uses GPT 4 language which accounts for great AI tools. So with Bing AI you can have advanced generative values and qualities of an AI tool.

GitHub Copilot

Powered by OpenAI tech and developed by GitHub, this platform is an AI Pair Programmer. GitHub uses public repositories to generate responses to prompts. The platform implements machine learning which helps in auto completion of codes based on the context. The platform is more like a code editor extension for different programming languages.

The GitHub Copilot is a platform that has features like pull request support, copilot chat and also CLI functionality. This AI tool is powered by GPT 4 and offers features all within an IDE.

Another platform that sets a conversational tone is The tool is a powerful natural language understanding (NLU) and operates on the cloud with dialogue management capabilities. is quite similar to ChatGPT in aspects of writing, problem-solving, generating images and articles, etc. This AI tool uses Open’s GPT 3.5 along with its NLU to function to its best potential. The platform is primarily useful in customer service, marketing and sales tasks.

Amazon CodeWhisperer

The working structure of Amazon CodeWhisperer is quite similar to GitHub Copilot. The platform also uses features that enable code snippet suggestions. This AI platform has had training in implementing open source codes which are found in Amazon libraries.

The AI tool like chatpgt went through several testing phases. Hence, there is no reason to question its capabilities. Moreover, the platform works remarkably with programming languages like Java, Python and JavaScript.


One of the very first AI tools to implement auto-suggestion of code snippets. With training received on several open-source repositories. Developers can customise and train AI models within Tabnine.

Tabnine AI is accessible through IDEs as well as your computers. This works both on a server, cloud and even offline. This AI tool also offers a chat system that should be up and running in no time!

From VSCode and Vim to Android Studio and Sublime, Tabnine seems to work well for several IDEs and different sorts of programming languages. Given its proficiency, we have one of the most adaptable generative AI tools on the list.


If you need a research assistant, then Elicit is your friend. This platform offers great assistance with tasks related to research and the like. You will have a literature review feature with your Elicit application. All your worries about documents and screening through papers are well handled with the research assistant AI tool.

If you want to have a good summarisation of sizable information, then Elicit can be an efficient help. There is a proper amount of accuracy and veracity in the way Elicit sums up information for us.


Cursor is an AI tool that takes a different approach to work than what the traditional AI-powered code editor would do. It is a pair programmer acting like an editor who can help with several tasks. These tasks include debugging tricky errors, code brainstorming and fixing lint errors effectively.

It is an easy AI to use. The platform can import data and corresponding extensions from VsCode quite conveniently, all with a single click. There are amazing features of using inbuilt AI chat systems, code generations and terminal debugging that cursor supports.

To Wrap Up

Today we live in quite exciting times in the digital era. With an increasing pool of options, we have more AI tools and platforms at our service. Using artificial intelligence for better task outcomes is how we work in the modern day. And there are not one but hundreds of AI tools like chatgpt that we can choose from. So if you want more suitable alternatives, you can sort from the above list of other AI tools like chatgpt that you might like!