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DigitalDrive 360 Offers Digital Marketing Courses In Gurgaon, Haryana. We are one of the leading Digital marketing training institutes.You should opt for the best Digital Marketing Training Course Gurgaon.

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Social Media Marketing

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We helpto build careers in the field of Digital Marketing. A good Digital marketing course will help.We provide extensivepractical-oriented training to students. All you need is properdetermination to acquire this new skill and have a successful career.  We believe in “KabilBano.” This means we want our students to develop a high level of excellence so that success comesin automatically. Digital Drive 360 is a stepping stone that will help you toenhance your career in the field of Digital Marketing. Pursuing a Digital Marketing Course Gurgaon will help.


Get your hands on the most comprehensive digital school
Digital Marketing Training Institute
Our training is based on practical knowledge.
Digital Marketing Courses
We have some of the most Experienced Mentors working with us.
Digital Marketing Courses
We provide you with Free Domain and Hosting
Digital Marketing Training Institute
You get a chance to work on thelive projects
Digital Marketing Training Institute
Our batch timings are flexibleand can be customized as per the requirements of our students.
Digital Marketing Training Institute
Students get placement assistance from us once they complete the course.
Digital Marketing Training Institute
We focus on each individual.
Digital Marketing Training Institute
We also offer an Internship Program

This is how you become an expert in the field of Digital Marketing

Our course content is quite relevant, and it willensure that once you complete the course, you gain thorough knowledge andthereby becoming an expert in the field of Digital marketing.We provide you with the best Digital Marketing Training Course.

Digital Marketing Training Institute

Learn From Expert

You getthe opportunity to learn the key skills from the industry leaders who have 10+ yearsof experience.We are the best Digital Marketing institute in Gurgaon.

Digital Marketing Training Institute


Assignments will be given to ensure that every student at Digital Drive 360 is able tocatch up with the program and are practically implementing whatever is taught to them in the classes. We are the most reputed Digital Marketing Training Center in Gurgaon.

Digital Marketing Training Institute

Pratctical Training

Once you complete the classroom sessions; you will be eligible to participate in 4 weeks of the Job Training where you will get to practice everything that was taught to you during the classroom sessions. Opting for a good Online Digital marketing courses in Gurgaon, like us will help you to get practical training as well.

Digital Marketing Training Institute


How much do you know about digital marketing? Take our free digital diagnostic and benchmark your skills against your professional competition. You will be able to get a certificate after the completion of the course. Digital Marketing Certification Training in Gurgaon will boost your career growth.


The Digital Marketing Industry is considered to bebooming because of the following reasons:

The average salary for the fresher is three lacs per month
As much as 24% of the Digital media have captured the marketing industry.



There are many reasons why you should pursue a Digital Marketing Course, and to know about this in detail, you can go through the points mentioned below:

  • There is a lot of demand for Digital Marketing Professionals.
  • You get better pay in comparison to your peers.
  • You get to enter the whole new world of digitalization and provide a kickstart to your career.
  • This is open for candidates belonging to different professional backgrounds


You can get some of the most lucrative job opportunities you get after you complete the Digital Marketing Courses

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Search Engine Optimizer
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Content Marketer
  • Email Marketer
  • Search Engine Marketer
  • Content Creator for AR- VR
  • SEO Specialist for Voice Assistant
Digital Marketing Courses
Digital Marketing Courses

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Digital Marketing Training Institute


Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Courses
Digital Marketing Training
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Digital Marketing Courses Gurgaon
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Digital Marketing Training
Digital Marketing Courses & Training Institute In Gurgaon
Digital Marketing Training

Benefits of Digital Marketing Training

We provide the best Digital Marketing Training insitute in Gurugram. here are many benefits of pursuing a digital marketing Course and to know about this better, go through the points mentioned below:
  • You are offered jobs in some of the best companies.
  • You can start your own Digital Marketing company.
  • Become a Business Analyst.
  • You can also work as a Digital Marketing freelancer.
  • You get to earn online through affiliate marketing/ecommerce.

Syllabus, Training Duration, and Content for Digital Marketing Courses

You can get a complete course on the advanced internet marketing certification training program courses content duration as well as the modules list. Providing the best knowledge and knowing the concepts in deep is necessary to become a professional digital marketer; that’s why we have effectively designed our class syllabus. This provides a detailed study of the various terms that are associated with Digital Marketing You also get to know about the concepts, strategies, techniques, as well as the implementation for website promotion and running campaigns. The training course we have is structured to cover as much as eight weeks of classroom sessions that are conducted five days a week for time duration of 2 hours each day. We are one of the best Digital Marketing Training Center in Gurgaon NCR.

The basics of digital marketing courses understand the industry and provide first-hand insight to seekers interested in taking a step into the digital world. It will help you understand all the essentials of digital marketing. Be it the purpose or reason behind the growing demand for internet marketing or the measures that will be helpful for acquiring the skills; the overview will all be cleared in this session.

Digital Drive 360 is among the best Digital marketing institutes in Gurgaon that aim to provide students with a proper understanding of digital marketing.

  •     What should you know about marketing?
  •     How can digital marketing be explained?
  •     Why is digital marketing important?
  •     What is the future of digital marketing?
  •     How is digital marketing beneficial?
  •     Difference between digital marketing and regular marketing
  •     Why choose digital marketing as a career prospect?
  •     Latest trends and the digital marketing world
  •     Digital marketing techniques and platforms

The search engine is a crucial part of digital marketing. Before going ahead with a deeper understanding of digital marketing and other associated aspects with it, understanding search engines is important. It is crucial to know how the search engine works or will help maintain the web ranking. The session will be beneficial for understanding various aspects of search engine prerequisites before digital marketing for the business, the importance, and the various other associated aspects for better success. Digital Drive 360 has designed the program to help students understand the basics of search engines, which includes.

  •     A basic idea of search engine
  •     Working on search engine
  •     Understanding the search engine crawlers
  •     Search engine indexing
  •     Search engine spiders
  •     Different search engine platforms
  •     Cache date
  •     Checking cache date

As a digital marketer, it is important to understand Google's algorithms. After all, it is the most crucial part of digital marketing. Whether you wish to promote a business online or if you wish to start your own website, understanding Google is extremely important. Google here is the protagonist that is responsible for ranking the website. So if you wish to get better results online, then proper knowledge will be beneficial. The digital marketing training Institute will always cover the guidelines and the algorithms of Google to help the students understand things better. Digital Drive 360 has designed a plan for the students to understand various parameters of Google.

  •     Google penguin
  •     Google panda
  •     Google hummingbird
  •     Google pigeon
  •     Google EMD
  •     Mobilegeddon
  •     Google rain brain

A domain hosting is responsible for managing a domain name like It will connect the domain name with the website, email, and various Web services. In simple words, it will secure the services by maintaining stable, and well-protected storage space is important. As a marketer, you have to stay aware of it. After all, you will want your client data to be protected. When starting with digital marketing courses you will be able to get a proper understanding of the same. Digital Drive 360 has come up with a proper plan for the students which will include.

  •     A clear view of domain extensions and names
  •     Understanding web hosting and web server
  •     Correct way to book a domain
  •     Correct way to book a hosting
  • Web analytics helps analyze the visitor's behavior on the website. It will be beneficial for tracking, reviewing, and keeping a report of the measures that will improve the website experience. Thus, it can greatly impact the website's ranking on the search engine platform. It is quite a crucial part to learn as this will guarantee the website's success. Digital Drive 360 has taken proper measures to help the students understand the same course. This will include the following.

    •     Understanding the website
    •     A clear view of web hosting and web server
    •     Insights about website architecture and wireframe
    •     The basics of designing or creating a new website
    •     User experience of the website
    •     Importance of a responsive website

For any platform or website to rank higher, keyword research is extremely important. Keywords are the terms that the users make use of for searching for a specific product or service. The digital marketing training Institute will help you understand keyword research and the other associated aspects of the same. It will be beneficial for coming up with creative content that will improve the ranking of the website. Digital Drive 360 can help you start with the session, which will include.

  •     An overview of keyword research
  •     The correct way to use the keyword
  •     Understanding of different keyword types
  •     Keyword analysis
  •     Various tools for keyword research
  •     Understanding of keyword proximity
  •     Keyword frequency in SEO
  •     Correct use of local keyword research
  •     Keywords streaming online

On-page SEO includes all the practices that will help optimize the web page. It can greatly impact the search engine ranking and bring in organic traffic. A digital market needs to understand the importance of SEO, as this is crucial for ensuring a better website ranking. Digital Drive 360 aims to cover all the topics which will include.

  •     Beginners introduction to on-page SEO
  •     A proper understanding of the description, title, and keyword tags
  •     Understanding meta description, title length, and snippets
  •     Content optimization
  •     H1 to H6 specs and their role on the website
  •     Website structure
  •     Google SEO guide
  •     URL structure
  •     Image tag optimization
  •     SEO-friendly content
  •     On-page analysis
  •     External links vs. internal links
  •     Website architecture and a lot more
  • SEO plays quite a crucial role in the success and failure of the website. It involves content creation, keyword research, on-page SEO, technical SEO, link building, and a lot more. Achieving the right results will be easy when your SEO is set properly. When done right, the digital marketer will be able to succeed better and help the clients see positive results. Digital Drive 360 will help you understand SEO concepts that will guarantee a better understanding of all the crucial parts and their uses.

    •     Search engine optimization
    •     Bounce rate
    •     Keyword density
    •     Google penalty
    •     White and Black hat SEO
    •     Google page rank
    •     Page Authority
    •     Inbound and outbound links
    •     Link building
    •     Domain authority
    •     Sandbox effect
    •     Positive and negative slot technique
  • Following the process blindly, thinking it will result in the website's growth, is not always right. There are a lot of safety measures that will not only protect the website but also guarantee Google recognizes your platform as genuine. The Digital marketing institutes in Gurgaon help the students understand the safety measures that can be taken for better results. Digital Drive 360 has a preset program that will help the students learn about it.

    •     Keyword and domain cloaking
    •     Spam comments
    •     Keyword staffing
    •     Correct way to avoid grey hat SEO
    •     Articles spinners
    •     Duplicate content
    •     Paid blogging
    •     Exact match anchor text
    •     Unnatural links
    •     Automated link building
    •     Third-party paid links
    •     Black heart SEO and a lot of other aspects.
  • Just like it is important to work on the platform for attracting leads better, off-page SEO is crucial as well. It involves all the activities that are done on the website to increase the search engine ranking and website visitors. The common practices include sharing on social media, branded search, link building, increasing engagement, and others. Digital marketing courses cover all the essential aspects that will be helpful for digital marketers to know about the essentials that will be beneficial for success. The program includes the following.

    •     Search engine submission
    •     Block commenting and posting
    •     Directory summation
    •     Press release submission
    •     Blog creation
    •     Forum posting
    •     Free classified
    •     Video sharing
    •     Guest blogging
    •     Sharing documentation online
    •     Using images

It is an essential part of digital marketing courses that will be beneficial to learn about the Google webmaster tool. With this, you will stay aware of how Google webmaster can help you maintain the website better technically. It will also offer you the support to follow the guidelines of Google. You can figure out the right SEO point that will be helpful for your website, like external links, file creation, etc. The session will cover.

  •     An overview of the setup Google webmaster tool
  •     Data highlighter
  •     The correct way to link the webmaster tool with the website
  •     Search traffic and analytics
  •     HTML improvement
  •     Manual actions
  •     Blocked resources
  •     Better mobile usability
  •     Faster mobile pages
  •     Crawl errors and starts
  •     Structure data
  •     An overview of search appearance and a lot more.

A good digital marketing Training Institute will help the students understand the working of the Google Analytics tool, the correct way to create a dashboard, linking the website to Google analytic tools, and various other aspects. There is more than one thing that one will be able to learn during the session. Digital Drive 360 has come up with practical exposure to guarantee better knowledge and experience in internet marketing. They can provide practical and deep knowledge to understand Google analytics tools effectively.

  •     An overview of analytics and its importance
  •     Correct way to install analytics code on site
  •     Understanding the measures and features of Google Analytics
  •     Demographics in Google Analytics
  •     Correct way to setup finals
  •     Better understanding of conversions and goals
  •     An insight into the acquisition
  •     Session duration, account structure, and others.
  • SEO is the backbone of digital marketing. Thus, it is important to properly understand the tools that will work well for you to come up with the suited strategies. It will be beneficial for success. The SEO tools will provide better alerts and data about the overall success and health of the website. In fact, it will help one cover the weakness and the opportunities that ensure better website growth. It can cover all the essentials that will be helpful for you. This session includes.

    •     SEO site checkup tool
    •     Backlinking tool
    •     Broken link checker
    •     Website speed checker
    •     XML site map generator
    •     Woorank
    •     Mobile responsive nest checker
    •     Competitor analysis tool
    •     Google Adwords keyword planner and others

Social media marketing has received a great response now. It is a crucial part of digital marketing that ensures to bring a huge number of visitors to the website. It encourages the targeted audience on the social media platform to build a good network and convince them to make the purchase. With the proper use of social media marketing, the business will be able to succeed properly. Digital Drive 360 has got a proper plan for helping the students understand the essentials. This can include.

  •     An overview of social media marketing and the importance
  •     The use of social media platforms in the correct way

The session will provide insights into top social media platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. It will include everything from a basic introduction to the correct way of bringing a large number of visitors to the website.

The optimization process encourages businesses to keep an eye on the platform, monitor the success of a specific strategy and then alter it to confirm the best results. When the business has a good social media plan, it will ensure the students get proper insights.

  •     Google Plus account and the importance
  •     Creation and customization of the profile online
  •     Correct way of increasing the reach and followers
  •     Community posting and creation

Besides, it also includes various social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc., where promotions can bring better traffic to the website. It will help understand the techniques and strategies that will boost online performance and help the website rank higher on the social engine.

It is the job profile of a digital marketer to know how to develop a new website. WordPress is the most common CMS platform that will be helpful for the creation of a new website. With proper knowledge of coding, the marketer will be able to come up with a customized website for the business. Digital Drive 360 will cover all the essential parts, including the correct way to build a good website, personalization to transform it into an e-commerce website, the correct way to grow, and all the other aspects that will be beneficial for delivering the best outcomes.

The session will be a lot insightful about many things that will be beneficial in the career ahead.

All the digital marketing courses cover the importance of the paid campaign on social media platforms. Whether it be Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or any other portal, paid campaigns are highly common. Digital Drive 360 as got a special program that will be helpful for you to understand advertising on social media platforms, the correct way to boost the post, bring in conversions and awareness. With the right strategy, you will be able to target the correct audience and bring better traffic to the website. The course will include practical sessions that will help you see the results while you build campaigns and try them out on social media platforms. It will offer you insights and knowledge about all the rules and regulations that have to be followed for promotion purposes on social media.

  • Local SEO for any business or website is extremely crucial to target the audience in that desired geographic location. With the right use of the same, the businesses will be able to get popular and succeed in the planned area. It will increase sales. Thus, the use of local SEO is extremely important. It involves the use of localized keywords and registering the business online to get in front of the audience base. Digital Drive 360 has got a well-planned session that will be insightful in understanding local SEO and the associated aspects.

    •     An understanding of local SEO and the importance
    •     Registering with Google My Business
    •     Completing the business profile
    •     Local SEO ranking aspects
    •     Rules and regulations
    •     Citation and submission
  • Running Google Ads is an effective strategy for getting in front of the targeted audience and boosting the visitors to the website. When used correctly, it will be beneficial to grow the business better. Starting the program with Digital marketing institutes in Gurgaon will be beneficial. It will help you learn all the essentials and get proper learning about Google Ads training which will include.

    •     Insights about Adwords
    •     Importance of networking in advertising
    •     The correct way to create a campaign
    •     An insight into Ad groups bids and campaigns
    •     Scheduling an Ad
    •     Demographics
    •     Ad delivery
    •     Social settings
    •     Cost per click
    •     Conversion optimizer
    •     Cost per acquisition
    •     Correct keyword use
    •     Quality score and its benefits
    •     Proper insights about the dashboard
  • It is the advertisement format that combines images, text, and URLs that are all linked to the website, where the customers can make purchases of the products and services. In simple words, they are all in the Ads format to attract the potential and targeted audience. The digital marketing courses cover all the essentials that will be beneficial for you to use online display advertising correctly. Digital Drive 360 has a program that will help the students get insightful knowledge about display advertising and all the associated aspects.

    •     An overview of display advertising
    •     Working and benefits of display advertising
    •     Banner Ads
    •     Remarketing
    •     Filtering display network
    •     Insights about the display, keywords, topic demographic, etc
    •     Display exclusion
    •     Measuring display advertising
  • The use of video marketing is a great remedy for succeeding in the online world of the digital market. The marketers must have a proper idea to use digital marketing in the right channel to bring in better visitors to the platform and ensure a good conversion rate. Video marketing is quite crucial for the success or growth of websites and businesses. Video marketing can be used across social media platforms and even on Google to boost online presence. Digital Drive 360 offers an online course that covers all the essentials of video marketing which can include.

    •     An overview of video marketing
    •     Correct way to create video promotions
    •     Understanding the target audience and location
    •     Group creation
    •     Add options and formats
    •     Wedding strategies
    •     Result analysis
  • Seeing the increase in the number of mobile users having mobile-friendly promotions should be extremely advantageous. It will be able to target the number of potential customers and get maximum benefits from it. When used correctly it will increase the organic traffic and also bring in better conversions. Digital Drive 360  has a pre-planned strategy that will ensure you can understand all the essentials which will include.

    •     The basics of mobile marketing and its importance
    •     How does mobile marketing impact social media?
    •     Mobile marketing engagement and analytics
    •     Growth of mobile marketing
    •     Promoting website and mobile applications
    •     Setting mobile marketing goals
    •     Mobile Ads format
    •     Customizing mobile format and Ad
    •     Understanding of the competitive analysis
    •     Target options in the mobile applications

Lead generation for the website is extremely crucial. This guarantees better visitors. Learning internet marketing is all about promoting websites and generating leads that can be converted into customers. Thus, an important aspect of digital marketing is lead generation. The digital marketing courses cover that as an important session. This will help you learn about the essentials that will guarantee better visitors to the website. The session will include

  •     The importance of lead generation
  •     Understanding lead generation through various social media platforms
  •     Lead generation with bulk emails and SMS
  •     Insights about landing page URL
  •     Bringing leads from different portals
  •     Lead conversion
  •     Bringing leads from Google Adwords
  •     A/B testing
  •     Difference between website and landing page
  • Content marketing is quite crucial for attracting an audience and improving the number of visitors to the website. It is a great way of building authority in the online world. With the right use of content marketing, the website will grow greatly and stay on top of the search engine platform. The Digital marketing institutes in Gurgaon help students understand all the essentials that will guarantee the best use of digital marketing for success. The course structure includes the following.

    •     Overview of content marketing and its importance
    •     Correct way to build a content marketing strategy
    •     Different types of content
    •     Correct way to write an attractive content
    •     Content optimization for search engines
    •     Keyword analysis and research for content
    •     Correct way to market the content
  • Emails can be an attractive way to target the right audience and bring them to the website. This can increase the online presence and can also help build better relationships. The use of email marketing is quite popular and has been an effective strategy for growth and success. Digital Drive 360 has a well-structured program that helps the students understand email marketing strategies and other associated aspects. The session will include the following.

    •     Focus on the fundamentals of email marketing
    •     Working on email marketing
    •     Overview of bulk email and the challenges
    •     Insights about email marketing software and its use
    •     Techniques to create creative email campaigns
    •     Correct way to write attractive emails
    •     Setting up the email list
    •     Legal constants in email marketing
  • It is the advertisement model in which the company will compensate the third-party publisher for bringing leads or traffic to the products and services of the company. It is the commission fee here that gives the incentive to find ways for the promotion of the company. It can incorporate the use of websites, social media platforms, blogs, podcasts, and various other options. The digital marketing courses help the students understand all aspects of marketing that will be beneficial for bringing better traffic to the platform. The course structure here focuses on

    •     Overview and application of affiliate marketing
    •     Affiliate marketing process
    •     Dashboard creation for proper marketing
    •     Promotions and branding with affiliate marketing
    •     Payment methods for affiliate marketing
    •     Best affiliate marketing networks
    •     Reports and ROI
  • The online reputation of the business or the website is extremely important for building trust and authority. This is why management of the same is extremely crucial. There are studies and sessions in digital marketing programs that will help marketers understand online reputation management and various other associated aspects. When done correctly, it ensures the brand can stay strong in front of the audience and has good authority in the market. The course structure here will incorporate.

    •     An overview of ORM and its importance
    •     The correct way to build an online reputation
    •     ORM importance in SEO and SMO
    •     Tools beneficial for ORM
    •     Regaining trust among the audience
    •     Best techniques to build authority online

Adsense is an effective and free-of-charge way to earn money by displaying Ads through online content. When you show engaging and relevant Ads on the site, it will bring visitors who match the site results. Thus, the use of AdSense in digital marketing can be extremely advantageous. The digital marketing training institute will help you understand the right way to use Adsense for monetizing the website and using blogging to earn money while sitting at home. Be it your own website or for someone else, using AdSense marketing will be extremely advantageous. The course will include the following.

  •     Creation of an AdSense account
  •     Process to get website approval
  •     Correct way to generate traffic for earning a commission
  •     Ways to add Ads to the website
  •     Manual Ad insertion

The internet has made it absolutely easy for businesses and websites to grow and target the right audience well. You now have the option to start an online business without any requirement for logistics or inventory. But this one requires a drop shipping website. The digital marketing courses are focused on it and help the market understand the correct way to earn from marketing products with their own price range. The core structure of a good digital marketing Institute will focus on

  •     Drop shipping and its importance
  •     The cost required for starting a drop shipping business
  •     The right way to find profitable products online
  •     Using Instagram and Facebook marketing for the promotion of drop shipping
  • The last aspect of the digital marketing course is about helping the marketer understand the correct way to get the job that is suitable for their profile. It allows them to start freelancing or look for job opportunities in a well-established company. The course structure will mainly focus on helping marketers learn.

    •     The correct way to create a freelancer account
    •     Building a strong and attractive profile
    •     The right way to select the projects
    •     Charging for the project
    •     Correct way to communicate with the client
    •     Applying for the job and getting positive results
    •     Creating own brand or company
    •     Marketing the company on various portals
    •     Getting insights and knowledge about career prospects online


Digital Marketing Courses


No, there are no prerequisites for the Digital marketing course. You will simply have to have some basic computer skills and you will be able to pursue this course without any hassles.

Anyone, who is interested to pursue a career in the marketing sector can opt for this course. Professionals, entrepreneurs, and even college students, freelancers and housewives can opt for this course. In short, whoever is looking for an amazing career in the field of Digital marketing can opt for this course.

The duration of the course varies somewhere between 30 days and 90 days depending on the capabilities of the learning. There are also backup classes available and even after the completion of the course, the learners can ask their doubts.

Yes, you will get a certificate once you complete the course.

Yes, there is 100% placement assistance that you will receive. You will be able to join an internship wherein you get the opportunity to work on live projects and you will get to work with more than 5 projects. You will also be sent for interviews during this time.

In this course, you get both theoretical as well as practical knowledge.

Once you complete the course, you will start working as an intern or as an employee of the company and you will be able to work as a Digital Marketing Executive, Data science analyst, Web designer etc.

Yes, you can change your career from traditional marketing to digital marketing.

For both types of courses, you will be provided with all the relevant information along with the certificate of completion. You can choose any of the two at your convenience.

You should select the specialization depending on your area of interest. You can specialize in SEO, SMM, SEM, Content Marketing or email marketing.

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