What other AI tool alternatives to ChatGPT can you find online?

What other AI tool alternatives to ChatGPT can you find online?

What other AI tool alternatives to ChatGPT can you find online?

The last decade saw exponential growth on the artificial intelligence front. And now we strive to make more improvements to build upon their potential. Taking more than one or more tasks head-on is now the objective.

One of the most widely known and recognised chatbots or AI bots is the new-age ChatGPT. It is unlikely that you haven’t heard about it. This AI platform took the world by storm and became popular in the course of a few days.

However, it is always great to have more than one AI tool under our wings to have better experiences. Let us consider a few other ai like chatgpt.

What are AI tools like chatgpt used for?

Based on GPT 3.5, OpenAI developed Chatgpt. It is a language model that expertises human-like text generation concerning certain prompts. Such tools or apps like chaptgpt capitalise on the huge database to produce conversational dialogue.

Using such tools like chatgpt can help with several functions such as

Creative writing

Mathematical problem solving

Assistance with essays


Language Translation

What are some AI platforms like chatgpt?


● OpenAI Playground

With OpenAI Playground, you have a demo for chatgpt. But it is no lesser than other AI tools. They come packed with features that can help bring about modifications. Moreover, OpenAI is a much more advanced AI tool given its larger neural network in comparison to chatgpt.

This platform is ideal for AI testing before its integration elsewhere. Tweaking a few parameters, OpenAI Playground is quite a helpful alternative. It produces answers with proper accuracy and is very effective in problem-solving questions.

Google Bard

Google Bard or Gemini is an upgraded and organised version of AI tools like PaLM2. It is a strong research-based modern large language model. The platform went through many revisions and updates since it was first launched. There has been a recent core update by Google. Some people might think it is a better alternative to both GPT4 and GPT 3.5

Microsoft Bing Chat

Microsoft launched an innovative solution for the expansion of the Edge and Bing search engine. Their all-new AI tool to improve functionality is called Bing AI. You can access Bing AI through the browser sidebar reducing any hassle of changing between tabs.

This platform is quite helpful in getting answers and for effective research. This model also uses GPT 4 language which accounts for great AI tools. So with Bing AI you can have advanced generative values and qualities of an AI tool.

GitHub Copilot

Powered by OpenAI tech and developed by GitHub, this platform is an AI Pair Programmer. GitHub uses public repositories to generate responses to prompts. The platform implements machine learning which helps in auto completion of codes based on the context. The platform is more like a code editor extension for different programming languages.

The GitHub Copilot is a platform that has features like pull request support, copilot chat and also CLI functionality. This AI tool is powered by GPT 4 and offers features all within an IDE.

Another platform that sets a conversational tone is The tool is a powerful natural language understanding (NLU) and operates on the cloud with dialogue management capabilities. is quite similar to ChatGPT in aspects of writing, problem-solving, generating images and articles, etc. This AI tool uses Open’s GPT 3.5 along with its NLU to function to its best potential. The platform is primarily useful in customer service, marketing and sales tasks.

Amazon CodeWhisperer

The working structure of Amazon CodeWhisperer is quite similar to GitHub Copilot. The platform also uses features that enable code snippet suggestions. This AI platform has had training in implementing open source codes which are found in Amazon libraries.

The AI tool like chatpgt went through several testing phases. Hence, there is no reason to question its capabilities. Moreover, the platform works remarkably with programming languages like Java, Python and JavaScript.


One of the very first AI tools to implement auto-suggestion of code snippets. With training received on several open-source repositories. Developers can customise and train AI models within Tabnine.

Tabnine AI is accessible through IDEs as well as your computers. This works both on a server, cloud and even offline. This AI tool also offers a chat system that should be up and running in no time!

From VSCode and Vim to Android Studio and Sublime, Tabnine seems to work well for several IDEs and different sorts of programming languages. Given its proficiency, we have one of the most adaptable generative AI tools on the list.


If you need a research assistant, then Elicit is your friend. This platform offers great assistance with tasks related to research and the like. You will have a literature review feature with your Elicit application. All your worries about documents and screening through papers are well handled with the research assistant AI tool.

If you want to have a good summarisation of sizable information, then Elicit can be an efficient help. There is a proper amount of accuracy and veracity in the way Elicit sums up information for us.


Cursor is an AI tool that takes a different approach to work than what the traditional AI-powered code editor would do. It is a pair programmer acting like an editor who can help with several tasks. These tasks include debugging tricky errors, code brainstorming and fixing lint errors effectively.

It is an easy AI to use. The platform can import data and corresponding extensions from VsCode quite conveniently, all with a single click. There are amazing features of using inbuilt AI chat systems, code generations and terminal debugging that cursor supports.

To Wrap Up

Today we live in quite exciting times in the digital era. With an increasing pool of options, we have more AI tools and platforms at our service. Using artificial intelligence for better task outcomes is how we work in the modern day. And there are not one but hundreds of AI tools like chatgpt that we can choose from. So if you want more suitable alternatives, you can sort from the above list of other AI tools like chatgpt that you might like!

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Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools

Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools

The apps that allow you to attract, sell, engage and retain businesses online are called the digital marketing tools. These digital marketing tools are quite common as they include apps across all categories of marketing starting from social media to advertising to content optimization. Irrespective of whether you are starting a new business or you are scaling up your existing business, you need a collection of digital marketing tools that will help you succeed. To know more about these tools, you can pursue a course from the best Digital Marketing institute in Gurgaon.

Search Engine Marketing Course In Gurugram Will Help You Learn about The Tools

Digital Marketing tools help in boosting your ROI and marketing strategies. You can use these tools, to execute the digital marketing strategies in the correct way. These digital marketing tools help you to organize things and also allows you to customize wherever needed.

The list of the top 10 digital marketing tools are given below:

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics help you to take several marketing decisions. You are also able to track the ecommerce business with the help of this tool. Google Analytics help you to set goals that will keep your company on the right track. This also provides a lot of data insights. The data that is collected using Google analytics allows the marketeers to understand the directions that they should take in regards to the changes and the modifications. Install it on your website and you can start using this tool.

Features of Google Analytics

1. This tool helps you get information about the website traffic categorized by products, pages and devices.

2. This tool also allows you to create metrics, dashboard and dimensions. This allows your data and other information easily.

3. You can also use this tool to get a better insight of your target audience. You get real time updates about the customers of the website. You are also able to know the pages that they are exploring at the moment.

4. Can help you create an attractive and a more engaging landing page hat gives a better experience to the customers.

5. You are able to check the performance of the business.

6. You can also share insights about the various reporting tools with the help of this tool.

7. Allows you to rganize and visualize the data that cater to your business requirements.

2. Google Ads

Google ads work across all businesses irrespective of the size. It is true that some people are of the opinion that google ads is expensive, however, it has some exceptionally good features.

Features of Google Ads

1. Drives more customers to your website.

2. Makes the customers connect you by using the click to call button.

3. Increase footfall

Before you start using Google ads, it is important for you to learn the use of this tool. Otherwise, you will waste a lot of money as you will not get good returns for your investments. The biggest advantage of Google ads is that, you are able to measure the return on investments, quite easily. Moreover, there are also artificial intelligence features here as well. This makes the platform much faster and easy to use. These AI features of the tool helps you get better results specially with display advertising.

These options help you target your customer database based on profession, age, gender, location etc. This is a unique feature of this tool. The best thing about Google ads is that, you are allowed to access Google agency account strategist. Here you get to know about the latest features of Google. The access to this also means access to some beta testing.

1. Canva Business

If you are into digital marketing, you will understand the importance of a good designing tool. Canva Business help you create very impressive social media posts. This is quite a popular marketing tool that helps you develop effective marketing campaigns through visual contents that you can share in the websites, blogs, social networks and other platforms. Visual content is a very important part of a digital marketing campaign. To attract the attention of the customers, it is important for you to create attractive posts.

Features of Canva Business

1. Canva allows you to edit the posts and also create all the different types of graphs.

2. This tool also has several templates and has a vast library of stock images, designs, photos, vectors and icons.

3. You have the option to choose from a wide variety of designs available and some of these include brochure, postcard, wallpaper, book cover, resume, certificate, magazine cover etc.

4. Trello

If you are looking for a content management tool, that allows you to brainstorm and strategize contents for the digital campaign, Trello will be the best option for you. This is a very popular content management tool. This is used by thousands of digital marketeers across the globe. This tool is used to create, organize and schedule the contents online. This is a platform that keeps the whole team together. Thus you who is in charge of writing, editing, who is in charge of the designing, posting and adding a call to action.

Features of Trello

1. You can create cards and incorporate notes on the card topic when you are assigning topics to a particular team and creating deadlines.

2. You are also able to work remotely with your team with this. This allows you access to their projects and tasks on a daily basis.

As a digital marketer, you can use trello to organize the marketing campaigns. This will help you to keep a track of the team activities.

5. Slack

This is a tool that the digital marketeers use everyday. This tool allows you to discuss the work of the client, new projects, new articles, new support tickets, send messages and also share important content. If you have a team of digital marketeers, you will need this tool to communicate with them effectively.

Features of Slack

1. With slack, you will be able to communicate effectively with your team members over the web.

2. You are able to follow everything including teams, projects and channels.

3. With the help of slack, you will be able to message and do video conferencing as well.

4. This tool allows you to collaborate with your team from anywhere.

Slack improves the organizational efficiency. This is an excellent messaging platform that has several options and settings.

6. Ahrefs

This is a tool that has several search engine optimizing tools. This tools helps you to optimize your website based on the different marketing requirements. This tool is mostly used in checking backlinks and also has a massive database. It is definitely one of the most sought after digital marketing tool. 

Features of Ahrefs

1. This tool helps you to optimize your website.

2. With the help of this tool, you are able to find the right website for your content and also able to choose the content topics strategically.

3. Helps you to analyse the competitors.

4. This is a comprehensive SAAS tool that offers you with data index, snippets of testimonials and free trial.

5. Help you manage your project and also helps you to track the ranking of your website.

7. Semrush

This is one of the marketing tools that helps you to grow the online visibility of your website using market research, content marketing, social media management, advertising, search engine reputation management etc. By pursuing a Digital marketing course from a good SEM Institute in Gurgaon will prove to be highly beneficial.

Features of SEMRUSH

1. This tools helps in boosting online traffic using SEO tools and work flow.

2. Helps you create contents that rank.

3. Helps you to find out the strategies and the tactics of the competitor.

4. Helps you find ways to reach more prospects with a minimum budget.

5. Helps you build the social media strategies.

As per the official website as many as seven million professionals use this tool. This digital marketing tool has also received many awards for being the best SEO tool. This tool is free during the trial period of 7 days. After that the user has to buy a paid tool.


Irrespective of the tool that you use for marketing, it is important to automate your marketing efforts. The seven tools that have been mentioned above helps you automate certain tasks, saves you time and also helps in generating more revenue for the organization. If you are a blogger, a startup founder or have a small internet based business, integrating these tools will be beneficial to you. A Digital Marketing Institute will benefit you greatly.


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Check out the Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2024

Check out the Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2024

Digital marketing is the most trending topic in the business world right now. With the advent of the internet and the global exposure it provides, businesses have been able to generate revenue streams like never before in history.

So, if you are looking to upscale your skills as a marketing executive, being well-read and practiced in digital marketing can help you unlock that next promotion package. Today, we will take a look at some of the top digital marketing trends that you can learn the best digital marketing institute and stand out from the rest.

Without any more delays, let’s get right to it!

Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2024

The internet is constantly evolving with more updated technologies coming out every day. Thus, if you are looking to get into a digital marketing course, these are some of the topics that you should look out for:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is rapidly gaining momentum as the next-generation avenue of tech development. Even if it may be at a nascent stage, digital marketers can still leverage its powerful processing capabilities to their advantage. These are some of the ways that AI is set to change the way digital marketing works:


  • Insightful Data Analysis: Data is the lifeblood of digital marketing. With better data, advertising and marketing campaigns can be made more intuitive to target audiences. AI will revolutionize the way consumer metrics are calculated and patterns and trends are analyzed, making for clearer data analysis.
  • Better Decision-Making: Part of the job of digital marketing professionals is to make the right decisions that will help to generate increased consumer engagement. With AI, predictions and forecasts of campaign outcomes can be generated in greater depth, thus making it easier to make better business decisions.
  • Personalization and Customization: With the power of AI, digital marketers can design campaign approaches that are customized and personalized to every single individual. This will enhance user experience and customer engagement rates as potential leads are roped in much quicker.

To gain in-depth learning and knowledge about AI-oriented digital marketing methods, get admitted into the best digital marketing courses in Gurgaon today!

2. NFTs

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are a hot topic right now in the business and tech world. Developed over blockchain technology, NFTs were invented as an encrypted digital symbol of real-world items and products.

However, this groundbreaking piece of tech has found multiple utilities among digital marketing teams across the world. These are some ways how NFTs can change the digital marketing scene:

  • Collectibles and Limited Editions: An NFT is a unique token with a digital identity that belongs only to a single owner. Thus, this idea of singularity makes it a valued product and attractive to consumers, much like a collectible or a limited-edition product. Companies can capitalize on this to generate hype and positive public opinion about themselves and their products.
  • Social Media Campaigning: Consumers like to get some sort of reward at the end of their purchase journey. Thus, companies can leverage the unique value and appeal of NFTs and design social media campaigns that have an NFT as a prize at the end. It provides a semblance of authenticity that nothing else can.
  • Auctions and Fundraisers: As part of a fundraising round, companies can use NFTs as a security against which interested parties will raise a bid. This is the latest and most innovative method of using the value of NFTs to enhance the appeal to potential leads.

Thus, if you wish to know all about NFTs and other marketing techniques to capitalize on their perceived value, join the most comprehensive digital marketing course in Gurgaon today!

3. Social Commerce

While social media has already had a palpable impact on the personal lives of consumers, the next avenue is to generate revenue streams by creating D2C networks using social media channels. Thus, social commerce is only slated to expand and reach higher levels of usage than ever before.

These are some of the ways in which social commerce is likely to impact the world of digital marketing:

  • Programmatic Advertising: Using the newly gained powers of AI and machine learning, digital marketers can now automate advertising campaigns according to target audience data parameters and preferences. Thus, social commerce will help to improve the outreach capabilities of digital marketers and enable more intuitive ad targeting.
  • Live Purchase and Selling: With the advent of live broadcasting, digital marketers and influencers have already taken to live purchasing and selling of products. With AI-powered algorithms, this process will become increasingly fine-tuned to the point where consumers can immediately get the products they search for.
  • VR Product Content: Coupled with the latest developments made in VR and the metaverse, digital marketers can now create entire digital worlds to further enhance the appeal of ad campaigns and product placement. Companies can create unique universes in which marketers can use the most streamlined campaign approaches to generate positive sales figures.

Thus, if you wish to use the powers of social commerce to make a mark on your revenue streams, now is the time to join the best digital marketing courses in Gurgaon!

Come To The Best Digital Marketing Training Institute For The Best Outcome

The business world is undergoing a sea change with the latest technological developments being incorporated to create marketing campaigns that are target audience-oriented and customized than ever before. If you wish to enter this industry, it is crucial that you have comprehensive knowledge and the requisite skills to stand out from the rest of the crowd!

So, if you wish to become a digital marketer and generate revenues beyond your wildest dreams, this is the time to join the industry! Visit the best Digital Marketing Institute in Gurgaon and join the excellent courses dealing with the latest marketing trends, taught by the best subject experts and industry professionals! Enjoy a world of opportunities once you generate automated streams of income using the power of digital marketing, only with the best digital marketing training institute in Gurgaon!

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